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Body Glove Snap On Case

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Body Glove Snap On Case

Product Description

The Body Glove Glove Snap-On case offers revolutionary protection in the ultimate custom fit phone case. 

This case features a durable hard shell wrapped in textured glove material that is easy to grip and protects most Android phones from scratches. 

This case allows for access to all controls along with the charging port.


  • Snap-On hard case covered with a textured glove material 
  • Ultimate custom fit for maximum protection
  • Removable knob for a low profile

User Ratings & Opinions

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Star Star Star Star Star One of the nicest cases produced
User: K R, Nov 20, 2009
Got this case the day of the Droid release. Its very well made, fits perfectly, and provides excellent protection! I wish Body Glove made cases for others phones, because Id get one for my wifes in a heartbeat.
Star Star Star Star Star Motorola Droid Body Glove snap on case CASE-MOTA855BGL
User: Nita P, Nov 1, 2010
Pros: Has a belt clip. Rubber surface.
Cons: Sides of the case breaks so the case falls off the phone
I purchased 2 of these cases and the same result - The clips (lips) on the side of the case broke. Then the case does not stay on the phone - causing the phone to fall out of the case. Aaarrggghhh!!
Star Star Star Star Star nice at first
User: Aileen H, Jan 28, 2010
It was nice at first, especially to help keep it safe as I was getting use to using a this kind of phone. It makes it really big though and hard to slid into my pockets. It didnt fit very well, had the back exchanged at the verizon store a week after getting it because it squeeked, literally squeeked. A month later and the case started falling apart, that soft rubber cover was pealing away. Took it off completely to find out it had also scratched my droid up and left dents in it.
Star Star Star Star Star Sturdy Case, Flawed Design
User: Mr. G, Jan 5, 2010
Pros: Sturdy, Sleek
Cons: Poor Fit, Causes phone damage
I bought this case on December 21st, 2009 at a verizon store after the salesman recommended it to me for my particular needs.

I noticed immediately that it made the sliding motion slightly more difficult, and mentioned it to the clerk and he said it was normal for cases of this variety. I didnt think anything of it and went forward with the purchase. I was impressed by the Products sturdiness and sleek design.

I noticed immediately that the front cover did not fit very well, the top edge was loose on the phone, even after making sure the case was fastened properly. It was very flimsy in that one spot, as it is a thin place for the case to cover I thought it just part of the design.

Approximately 1 week later, The top-right edge of the case had come completely unfastened as I was using the sliding motion to open the keyboard, and upon inspection the piece of plastic that holds the case on the phone had been sheared off. I was upset and called the verizon store but they would not offer me a refund.

Approximately 4 days after that, the second piece of plastic on the right hand side sheared off, rendering the front side of the case unusable.

This is just my experience but I hope you take this into account before purchasing this item. Buyer Beware.
Star Star Star Star Star Split my Droid open
User: Spooty M, Nov 30, 2009
The case fits well to a point. The Body Glove case causes the sliding action to be more difficult. The clamps catch on each other adding resistance to an already difficult slide. The left edge of the top portion of the case does not grip anything and is very flimsy. The back portion of the case can be very difficult to remove. During removal, the clamp beneath the USB port can catch in between the panels of the Droid and, at least in my situation, split the casing open such that the internals of the device could be seen. Needless to say this caused an oh sh*t moment. Case was purchased online so this could not be tested beforehand. Returning to Verizon to prevent further damage.