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1. TYLT TAGZ Programmable NFC StickersTYLT TAGZ Programmable NFC Stickers
TYLT TAGZ are NFC stickers that allow you to create profiles and automatically change settings and launch apps by simply tapping your NFC-enabled phone on TAGZ.
$17.95   $19.99'Not yet rated.'In StockAdd TYLT TAGZ Programmable NFC Stickers to Cart

2. Samsung TecTile Programmable NFC TagsSamsung TecTile Programmable NFC Tags
Samsung TecTiles are smart NFC tags that can be programmed to change phone settings, launch apps, check-in's, update your social status, make calls, or send texts automatically.
$12.95   $14.99Score 3.8/5Score 3.8/5Score 3.8/5Score 3.8/5Score 3.8/5 (21)In StockAdd Samsung TecTile Programmable NFC Tags to Cart

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