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1. iGrip miniGripper Universal HolderiGrip miniGripper Universal Holder
Need a replacement Phone Holder for your iGrip Mount? This sturdy phone holster is exactly what you need to ensure most Android phones stays safe and secure while mounted.
$12.95   $15.00Score 3.8/5Score 3.8/5Score 3.8/5Score 3.8/5Score 3.8/5 (58)In StockAdd iGrip miniGripper Universal Holder to Cart

2. iGrip Sturdy Swivel MountiGrip Sturdy Swivel Mount
The iGrip Sturdy Swivel Mount can easily be adjusted up and down and sideways for optimal viewing angles.
$16.95   $20.00Score 2.8/5Score 2.8/5Score 2.8/5Score 2.8/5Score 2.8/5 (8)In StockAdd iGrip Sturdy Swivel Mount to Cart

3. iGrip Flexible MountiGrip Flexible Mount
The iGrip Flexible Mount is a suction mount with a strong, freely adjustable arm that adjusts the device holder to any viewing angle, and provides a safe and secure mounting for most Android phones.
$9.95   $15.00Score 2.6/5Score 2.6/5Score 2.6/5Score 2.6/5Score 2.6/5 (20)In StockAdd iGrip Flexible Mount to Cart

4. iGrip Vent MountiGrip Vent Mount
The iGrip Vent Mount is a sturdy mount that features adjustable vent clips on the back that allow mounting on vertical or horizontal vent fins.
$9.95   $15.00Score 2.7/5Score 2.7/5Score 2.7/5Score 2.7/5Score 2.7/5 (18)In StockAdd iGrip Vent Mount to Cart

5. iGrip Custom Fit Holder (Without Mount) for T-Mobile G1iGrip Custom Fit Holder (Without Mount) for T-Mobile G1
Custom designed, this holder works with your T-Mobile G1. Clip it in & go! Your T-Mobile G1 conveniently slides into place and is held securely at all times.
$9.95   $15.00Score 5/5Score 5/5Score 5/5Score 5/5Score 5/5 (1)In StockAdd iGrip Custom Fit Holder (Without Mount) for T-Mobile G1 to Cart

6. THB BURY Mount Adjustable KnuckleTHB BURY Mount Adjustable Knuckle
Mount Adjustable Knuckle with 4 fixing points is used to attach phone cradles to an amps plate. To be used with Bury installed car kits only.
$27.95   $38.99'Not yet rated.'In StockAdd THB BURY Mount Adjustable Knuckle to Cart

7. iGrip Dual-Support Suction MountiGrip Dual-Support Suction Mount
The iGrip Dual-Support Suction Mount is a versatile, elegant suction mount that is compact and foldable.
$16.95   $20.00Score 3.7/5Score 3.7/5Score 3.7/5Score 3.7/5Score 3.7/5 (11)In StockAdd iGrip Dual-Support Suction Mount to Cart

8. PanaVise Ultra Low-Profile Dash MatPanaVise Ultra Low-Profile Dash Mat
The PanaVise Ultra Low-Profile Dash Mat has a 3.5-inch diameter disc designed for use with a suction-cup mount and uses a non-skid, non-adhesive surface to seamlessly contour to your dashboard while you drive.
$8.95   $9.99Score 4.6/5Score 4.6/5Score 4.6/5Score 4.6/5Score 4.6/5 (5)In StockAdd PanaVise Ultra Low-Profile Dash Mat to Cart

9. Trident Kraken AMS Windshield Mount for Samsung Galaxy S3Trident Kraken AMS Windshield Mount for Samsung Galaxy S3
The Kraken AMS Windshield Mount is one of the AMS attachments for your Kraken AMS Case.
$14.95 Score 4/5Score 4/5Score 4/5Score 4/5Score 4/5 (1)In StockAdd Trident Kraken AMS Windshield Mount for Samsung Galaxy S3 to Cart

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